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ABOUT CFdesign

CFdesign has been providing quality, creative residential design solutions in The Valley since 1998. With over 25 years of experience in architectural design and site planning, CFdesign specializes in high-end custom homes and living spaces, tailoring each home and landscape to fit the client’s unique needs. Given the challenging nature of most of our projects, we take special care and attention to design a solution that best fits the unique opportunities of each site.

CFdesign also offers custom design services for Residential Remodels and Renovations, Site Planning, and Landscape Design. We are available to work with you and the rest of your design team from the moment you begin looking for that perfect piece of property.

“We begin the design in the mind, then with pen on paper. Everything else is an effort to further refine and communicate that initial creative effort.”
– David Creech

Residential – Site Planning – Landscape Design

Arcadia Lights - CF Design
Arcadia Lights
"(David) is responsive, accurate, and timely. Not to mention, super creative...We trust David entirely and we hired him for our personal home."
-Brad Leavitt, AFT Construction
"David’s work ethic and creativity have given him an enviable reputation within the building community as a top-tier landscape designer."
- Bryan Rains, Rains Design
"I love the fact that whenever I introduce David to a new project he exceeds my expectations."
- Beau Graffin, Graffin Design
"(David) brought us ideas that wouldn’t have even crossed our minds and the design is stunning because of it."
- Josh Locatis, Client
Sunsets at Lost Star
Sunsets at Lost Star
"What Dave brings to the table is a perfect 10."
- Lori Vail, Client


CFdesign has been owned and operated by David Creech since 1998. Starting out as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator in a small town in Northern California, David Creech has been involved in a variety of design professions since 1990. His extensive, multi-disciplined design background and training in architectural design laid the foundation for David’s style today. For more specific information about David Creech, you can visit his profile on LinkedIn.


Every project begins with a conversation. We take the time to hear the client and understand how their lifestyle and needs can play into the design. Then we must understand the context of the site (location, contours, views, features, existing plants and geology, etc.). Then we dig into the stylistic direction of the project, working with other members of the design team that are also steering the overall aesthetic vision.

David prefers to begin each design on a drawing board, working by hand to create a design that has a sculptural, artistic feel to it. Special care is taken to make sure that we never compromise functionality in service of the aesthetic vision. The CAD work is only done later to streamline the production process, communicate the design, and make the construction documents more manageable.

We have extensive experience working with many subdivisions and communities in the North Valley and tailor each set of plans to meet the specific Design Review requirements of each community.